The Kitchen Concerts: Alysha Umphress Swings Jeff Blumenkrantz~article from

By: lepbc
Published on: Feb 26, 2015

A jazzy new tune from the On the Town starlet and her musical collaborator. Eight times a week, Broadway songstress Alysha Umphress lights up the stage of the Lyric Theatre as sexy cab driver Hildy in On the Town. On her off days, she's a jazz chanteuse who just released a new album of reimagined showtunes and additional material with Tony-nominated composer/actor Jeff Blumenkrantz. Umphress, joined by bassist Pete Donovan, joined us in the kitchen to perform one of the tracks from the hot new album: Blumenkrantz's tune "Two Cents." So grab a martini, dim the lights, and let's swing.  Click here to listen...