Party Veterans Joined Hotsters at the Opening of the TOPSHOP TOPMAN Flagship Store~article from New York

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Published on: Nov 26, 2014

“I passed my mom on opening night and she literally put her hand out for a high-five!” laughed On the Town star Clyde Alves to Shindigger after the musical’s celebration at Capitale. “As we were arriving at the party, the reviews were coming out and they were so strong,” he said to us. “You could feel the energy escalate.” “I felt like I was barely there,” his co-lead Elizabeth Stanley piped in. “There was that juxtaposed of me dealing with my 60-year-old parents in the audience.” Shindigger asked Ms. Stanley if she has ever contemplated a staycation on a day off. “I love the idea, actually,” she cooed back. “You could do an Airbnb and discover a new area.” Read more...