Dames at Sea~article from Thefrontrowcenter.com

By: lepbc
Published on: Nov 06, 2015

Deconstruct a Sam Peckinpah western for the stage and you get a tight piece of absurdism like Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love. Deconstruct a Busby Berkeley movie musical and you have the loose two hours of light-heartedness that is Dames at Sea. In this spoof of old Broadway, which mostly parodies the Berkeley film, 42nd Street, a dedicated cast of six top notch hoofers fight the good fight; tapping, belting and mugging their way through a book that ranges from predictable to corny to borderline misogynistic. Tomatoes, here, are not the kind that grow on vines, but there’s a lot of squeezing going on nonetheless.  Read more... http://thefrontrowcenter.com/2015/10/dames-at-sea/