Ballet on Broadway? ‘On the Town’ Star Megan Fairchild on Making the Leap~article from The Hollywood

By: lepbc
Published on: Jan 09, 2015

One of the stars of On The Town is finding herself in a very different part of the city than she's used to, as theatergoers are watching a kind of musical number that's rare to Broadway. "I've got a wig and a padded bra on, and all of a sudden, I'm doing a coupe jete ménage — those are hard steps!" New York City Ballet dancer-turned-Broadway actress Megan Fairchild tells The Hollywood Reporter. "What ballet dancers do is incredibly not normal; it's all of these contradictory things we do to make a beautiful line. ... [If audiences] don't know what they're seeing me do, that's totally fine. I hope it's catching people off-guard in a good way." Read more..