At Home With On the Town’s Clyde Alves, A Singing Sailor Stationed Uptown~article from

By: lepbc
Published on: Mar 09, 2015

Some people will go to great lengths to maintain ties with their closest friends. They'll babysit, help out by making meals, or they might even lend money. But Clyde Alves (currently co-starring in On the Town) and his wife Robyn Hurder easily topped all that. One of the reasons they rented an apartment in a 1939 Washington Heights building was because it's in the building that best friends Derek Hanson and Rebecca Riker were already living in. "We spent so much time in their apartment, we decided we should get one here ourselves," Alves says. That was two and a half years ago, and now all the couples have to do is run up (or down) a few flights of stairs. That's so much better, Alves says, then traveling to get together. Read moreā€¦.