A Day in the Life of Alysha Umphress of ‘On the Town~article from New York.com

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Published on: Nov 03, 2014

From the time she was a little, little girl Alysha Umphress was obsessed with Broadway cast recordings from Hello Dolly to Anything Goes to Once upon a Mattress to Funny Girl to Crazy for You. “I was such a theater geek,” says Umphress who co-stars in the hit new Broadway show On the Town. “I just couldn’t get enough. After seeing a production of Oliver at age 6, she was so convinced she had to act that she insisted that her mother enlist her in a show the very next day. “I had a tenacity about performing. I didn’t understand that it wasn’t like a play date where you could just sign up and be in a show the next day,” recalls the actress. She eventually landed a part in a children’s theater production of Annie. “I auditioned and got the coveted role of the pretzel seller,” she jokes. “You know that part?” Read more... http://www.newyork.com/articles/broadway/a-day-in-the-life-of-alysha-umphress-of-on-the-town-44825/