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Investing in Broadway and Film

Investing in Broadway and Film is both a passion and an opportunity. Investors help capitalize the shows and often have special access to the chow, cast and team. However, investing isn’t without risk, and choosing the right opportunities is essential to increasing your chance of seeing great returns.

Remember, not every show succeeds, and the most successful investors and producers drive success by investing in an range of shows and films to mitigate risk.

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Opportunities for Producers

Great plays and films are brought to life by producers. As a producer, you lead the business of the production including raising and protecting capital, promoting and marketing of the show as well as managing the team assembled to execute on the plan to bring the show to life.

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Opportunities for Writers

The greatest shows on Broadway and films in Hollywood started with an idea, a vision and a dream. These came from the creative mind of a writer like you. We are actively looking for new projects and are entertaining content from both established and produced writers.

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About Ted

Ted Liebowitz, CEO of Worldwide Media Capital, has spent nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, producing and financing great Broadway shows and film productions including The Book of Mormon, Hamilton, Evita, The Color Purple, Cinderella, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Annie, Dear Evan Hansen, Pretty Woman, Moulin Rouge, the Illusionist and others.

A successful businessman, professor in entrepreneurship and leader of Worldwide Capital Media, Ted is passionate about the entertainment industry and helping others succeed.